Build something that matters

3 years back I embarked on this journey of entrepreneurship. It has been 3 years of lot of sacrifice, frustation and fun. 3 years of faith, belief and doubt. 3 years of insecurity and promising future. 3 years in company of awesome people and loneliness. This friendship day we complete 3 years of WYO.

As you can guess it has been 3 years of mixed feelings. As we continue to grow, these mixed feelings keep increasing. We are more insecure now than ever. Our risks are higher. In the midst of severe competition, rising overheads, bad economy and less margins and all the startup woes I keep asking myself that what is driving us? What if the competition is better? what if our plans, products, strategies failed? What if we were just not good enough? …so what? I often see that we are sometimes more driven by competition and insecurity rather than our quest to build something that matters.

This 4th year at WYO, we are going to act even stronger, have even more faith and believe in our ability to build something that matters. We are not going to be driven by competition but ourseleves. We came this far because of what we did and now is the time to raise the bar and out do ourselves.