Building a Brand that is SOCIAL

Continuing from my last post wherein I concluded with saying that at WYO we want to build a Brand that is “Social” in real terms.

Lately have been thinking a lot about everything that as an SOCIAL in it. What do we mean by “SOCIAL”? Social is a very funny word because it’s meaning changes as the context changes. Social can mean anything that takes human interests into account, social could be a society or community of people with commonality, social could mean relationships, connecting, sharing in a positive aspect and every action that is not positive or not to the benefit of human beings is anti social such as alcoholism, terrorism and so forth.

if you notice carefully you have probably never heard the term “social” so much in your entire life as much right now. everything that is social is so cool like social networks, niche social networks, social media, social tv shows and these are cool because human beings are social by nature – it is the way we are designed and so we love everything that is “SOCIAL”. We want to be able to connect, share, relate, inspire and be inspired. It’s who we are.

At WYO , we are trying to build a brand that is about YOU. Focussing on designs that you can relate to, a relationship that you can trust, a brand that represents the common man’s uncommon work. In the hind sight it seems funny when we think about the name of our brand – Wear Your Opinion. For us it was always about you – right from the beginning.