Dealing with competition – a mindset

Now that WYO has survived 6 months and surprisingly seen a good response considering our not so excellent efforts, I have started thinking about competition in the market place. Innovative tee sites are coming up with great designs, good fabric and good team. Teams that seem more organized, focused and planned better. This suddenly put me in reverse gear as I started to think on how to deal with competition better, stay on top, how do I start building a better team, better plan my marketing efforts, focus on how to execute things better etc etc.. I suddenly started being more stressed out and sometimes discouraged when you start seeing competition doing better than you.  You start thinking on their lines and suddenly you are no more innovative :!

I think competition is always going to be there, new companies are always going to come up, do things better and we should keep a close eye but at the same time one should not loose his USP, Vision and importantly focus on Innovation. Competition is good, it makes you work harder but focusing too much on them might take away the fun, innovation and vision you initially founded your company with.