Do you have a child in you?

I always wanted to start something of my own, I tried too, couple of times, before I took the big leap with WYO. What prevented me all these years to start? goes something like this:

  1. Business IDEA: I really did not know what I wanted to do. Always kept looking for ideas and when I got one, I spent some time on it and then moved onto other. Sometimes was just fickle minded, sometimes they were not that good and sometimes I was not confident about them. In nutshell, I just kept on going in loops trying to find the RIGHT idea.
  2. TEAM: Most important factor for any business. Finding the right people to start with.
  3. FINANCIAL RISK: Now leaving your job and starting something from ground zero brings in some self doubts, insecurity, social pressure etc etc
  4. Experience/Expertise:  Do I really know what it takes to execute an idea?  Do I have enough education and experience? The honest truth for me was that this was just a layer under which I was hiding, somewhere I was not confident enough or may be did not have lot of self belief.
I can go on with the lists but that is not the point of me writing this post. What I want to get to is as you keep growing older you keep adding layers of complications to anything and everything you want to do. At least that’s what I did and do sometimes. We start rationalizing everything, trying to see a point or meaning to do something, trying to make sure you are not taking lot of risks, you become lot more fearful.
I think sometimes to do something you really want to, needs you to be like a CHILD. For simplicity sake look at a child who wants chocolate.  He  knows he wants chocolate because he really likes it. His immediate action is to ask for chocolate, if you don’t give it – he will crib,cry, even do his homework, cancel his play, behave nicely, do whatever to ensure that you hand him the chocolate. He has a unbelievable desire to fulfill his want and is literary unstoppable and fearless. He does not think – will I look stupid? Is this a good idea? what will happen if I don’t get it?  Is chocolate really good for me? The only thing on his mind is  – He likes chocolate and he wants it.
One can argue that a child does not have the knowledge of repercussions. Off course there are repercussions in life for everything but you do have the knowledge  to make a choice about what can you live with and what you cannot.

like really

Well I just felt like writing but did not know what to..likewise I did not know what the title of this post would be and the above two words just kept ringing on my mind so….you know what!

So since I am writing let me try and make this meaningful.  For the past few days the dotcom’s in India have gone heavy on advertising on the TV. Like Snapdeal, myntra, flipkart,olx,quikr…and so forth .Man with the amount of visual bombardment these .com’s are doing am wondering the amount of mulaah these guys are spending. Off course they all are very well funded and some of them are also getting a lot of transactions.  To me it seems that the dotcom business has just started in India and I don’t know why but I am getting this feeling that India right now is like US 10 years back. There is just so much to come to Indian consumer’s online. Off course Indian consumer is still weary about buying anything online but it is certainly easy with books, deals, coupons but the scene is changing fast. Players like flipkart started with books and now earned the goodwill and have moved on to electronics, movies, music, games etc… Myntra is also doing great in retailing brands. People have always known brands and  already know what they are buying and what they are gonna get. So   But what does all this leave WYO at? We just want WYO to be a place where you get awesome tee’s at affordable price. Designs we think you don’t really get elsewhere. WYO started of with something that was not necessarily solving a big problem but something that just makes you sound or look so cool when you wear it. There are lot of things that we are going to do to differentiate ourselves. Other than our rocking designs, we recently launched WYO Bajao where we want people to vent out their opinion on things in our system that disgust us. We would also be working on comic video series. But most importantly today we are working on refining our product. We already thing it is real good for the price but we will not stop till we think it is ten times better than our competitors.

Well for now I will sign off, it’s late and I gotta sleep :!