I am Anna Hazare

Last 11 days, Government has seen the power of Indian people under the leadership of Shri Anna Hazare. Massive movement, people rallying in large numbers, leaving their day jobs and protesting against corruption. This movement just amplify’s people’s frustration against corrupt politicians who have massed plethora of public wealth and built themselves pleasure houses. What does the common man really get from this government – poor roads, exorbitant prices on food, fuel, land and everything that common man requires to fulfill his basic needs. I mean do these politicians even have a number that they can be content with?

Government has requested  Anna to end his fast and let the Lokpal bill follow democratic process. They thank him to bring this issue at the forefront and making it priority. But did the government really need such a massive movement to make them realize that how unfair they have been to the common man?? Now they talk about democracy, peaceful process, multi-layered bill to tackle corruption across all levels and how Jan Lokpal drafted by Anna’s team alone would not be sufficient. I mean if you knew all these were you sleeping for freaking 42 years!!  It’s not that I like BJP a lot but I think India has officially been Congress’s FAMILY BUSINESS for the past 5 decades. I do not want to keep on lamenting but am glad that people have broken their silence and supported this issue. It is like people were just waiting for this moment and Anna was someone whom they could trust.  I am proud to say that I am Anna and support this movement. WYO offered TEES at manufacturing cost to a local rally. We are glad people liked the Design.

Below is a design that WYO launched on Anna’s event based on popular game series – Angry Birds! 🙂



WYO this Friendship’s day!!!!

Past two months have been crazy, I even totally forgot I started a blog.  Luckily I was watching TV and on Sony Pix was Julie/Julia (If anyone who has not watched it, in nutshell it’s about Julie who starts blogging about cooking recipes by Julia) and so I was reminded of my blog 🙂 .

For past two months, we have been trying get WYO off the ground. We have progressed considerably in terms of designs, finding right vendors to work with, logistics, Website, amongst myriad of small things that we need to take care of. Seriously, it’s just been tough working with vendors including bank professionals – as here in India people just don’t understand commitment??? It’s just this desi way of working that brings so much uncertainty in doing business that you have to account for so many things that can possibly go wrong when you get rolling.  I know am sounding a bit cranky but seriously I feel our work ethics are not even at the average mark.

So 7th August 2011, is the date the world (unbelievably small fraction of it) will see WYO coming into life.  Yes we are Anxious, excited – lot of mixed feelings. Still have few things left on the website, I am still a bit worried about them being completed on time. But we are keeping are fingers crossed and hopefully we don’t do any big goof ups. Rest just trying to take things a bit lightly focussing more on the work and less on what’s going to happen.