Well I was not really sure what I was going to do. Had few ideas nothing really concrete. I was diligently researching the online news market with my friend and partner Gaurav. Gaurav is a news buff and I have not found at least in my friends who have such great passion for news. He convinced me to look deeper into online news space. After two months of research and talking to more than dozen journalists and freelancers we concluded that online news space had great opportunities in India. But something we were always struggling with was “Revenue model”. Since our online newsroom was completely opinion based, we came up with the Idea of “Wear Your Opinion”. Our idea was to print socially relevant Tees with lot of pun on how things are here and sell them. As we explored it further we realized that in it itself was a good idea and worthy of a pursuit. Thus WYO (wear your opinion) was born. We have been working diligently since mid-April to now to get all pieces together.  WYO intends to release original and exclusive design every week and sell it cheap. The designs would revolve around a current-event/phenomena/subject or literary anything relevant to “India” and makes a funny statement/opinion that today’s youth can relate too.  For simplified understanding you can relate it to AMUL ads but designs that are attractive, make an opinion and you did love to wear them. The assumption is that such designs appeal to the Indian youth and they would love to have them printed on T shirts and wear them to colleges and other casual locations. It just differentiates the buyer from the crowd, makes a statement about their personality and also enables to stand by something they believe in the easiest form – wear a T-Shirt and off course make them the subject of gossip.


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