Hi India!

Alright pens down, Out of the cube- I don’t know if it was a tough call may be it was something I always knew I was going to do. Quit my job in Jan and left NY to start a fresh journey as an entrepreneur in my very own Mumbai.  I clearly remember my last day outside 345 Park Avenue, it was cold but bright. I took a huge breadth and felt so relieved like I had broken free.

I know entrepreneurship is not as sexy as it sounds. I have burnt my hands earlier and the cost of opportunity was really high.  Neither staying in India after 5 years in NY was going to be easy and to add to that – I am also married :).  Off-course life in India is not going to be easy socially either because people around you cannot understand why someone would leave America and come to India to pursue a dream – quite an irony. It is easier for them to think that American economy is on a downturn and he probably got laid off.  And I don’t want even want to get started on how your daily lifestyle is affected. For me it was really family and sense of belonging. I had great time in US but I do not belong there. It is not where I come from.

I think doing a startup challenges the person’s inner core.  It forces him to come out of his so called secure and safe zone and experience what he is really made up of, to know himself better and to really know if he has the goods?  The thing that appealed to me most was “Creation”. At the end of the day when I am 60 years and I look back and say to myself did I really create anything worthy or I just lived, had a great job, had a lovable family and travelled a lot. Well I still want all those things but more than that somewhere deep down like everybody else I want to make a big difference.  To me entrepreneurship gives an Individual that opportunity.


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